Who am I?

My name is Benoît, and I admit it, I am a perfectionist. Details matter to me, and I always try to push it to the best of my abilities.

My obsession with photography, details and fascination with the human form led me to fashion and fine art photography. I am not interested in fashion itself but by its aesthetic.

This website represent my learning curve, challenges, achivements and experiences that I put myself through in the last couple years. Each photo represents something new that I felt I needed to learn or to master. Sometimes inspired by my model, the clothing or by the location, I like to play with the light until the mood feels right. The mood of my photographs are mostly on the dark side of things. Melancholy has always been my favorite feeling, and I try to translate that into my work. Models are, of course, a very important part in my work, that is why I talk about them often. I like them to appear strong, deep and beautiful. 


Since my childhood, I always liked to play with cameras, but I never realized it. Many years later, a friend handed me a Dslr. It just felt right. For a few years, I snapped away without really knowing what I was doing. Only thing I knew was that I enjoyed it.

My big revelation came when I moved to the US. In my first month here, my boss, who likes to collect old cameras, gifted me with my very first film camera, an Agfa Isolette. I was in awe, and that was the start of my real photographic apprentice ship. Vintage cameras taught me a lot, each one of them has a different character, and it helped me understand the fundamentals of photography. Now days cameras are cluttered with technology, and it makes it sometimes more difficult to learn the basics being distracted by all the fancy functions.

I have been here for many years now and during that time, surrounded by the fantastic photographers and artists of Lancaster county, I narrowed down what I like or dislike in photography to the point where I know what I really want to achieve. Not really in details, but at least I have a general direction.